Website Design

5 Shady Developers to AVOID!

Let’s talk about an important issue that is ubiquitous in our current digital landscape – unethical website developers.  Sadly, while we have certainly become a digitally connected world due to our obsession with instant gratification we want our services fast and cheap without concern for ethical standards.  Wikipedia defines ethics as a branch of philosophy [...]

Professional Website Design or Do-It-Yourself

When It Makes Sense to Do It Yourself There are three basic things that are absolute necessities for EVERY single business: telephone number, email address and website. Decades have passed since a yellow page ad was essential to a business' success. Most people do not even own a telephone book anymore. EVERY business should have [...]

Child Care Center Successful Online Marketing Strategy

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression!” This statement has never been more true than it is today. A parents’ first impression of your daycare center or preschool is online. They’ll look to your website to ensure that you are a professional child care provider. They’ll need to know that you [...]

Website Repair or Redesign

When inspecting needlework for quality craftsmanship you view the stitches from the back of the piece. If the stitches are well organized, formatted and even you know the piece is a quality item. You can evaluate the quality of a website and skill of a designer by looking behind the scenes. Are the files well-organized [...]

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