“You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression!”

This statement has never been more true than it is today. A parents’ first impression of your daycare center or preschool is online. They’ll look to your website to ensure that you are a professional child care provider. They’ll need to know that you are licensed, bonded and insured. Your website will provide important information like:

  • Location
  • Telephone number
  • Accommodate babies / infants / toddlers
  • After / before school care
  • Transportation
  • Hours of operation
  • Price range
  • Summer camp programs
  • Nutrition

The second thing they will want to know is what other parents are saying about your daycare center or preschool and its teachers. Are you easy to find and identify on social media? Could your daycare center be confused with a child care center that was recently in the news after two daycare providers were arrested for abusing children?

Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg shows a 9 year old’s reign of terror over a room of infants.

Most parents will want to see if you have a calendar with clearly posted vacation days. Parents will want to see that there are fun activities planned regularly for their kids and that they can participate. This gives parents and families much needed continuity allowing them to plan family vacations around the children’s school schedule. They’ll want to know that your daycare center maintains a professional schedule and sticks to it so that they aren’t surprised by sudden changes and left to scramble for substitute child care.

Anxious parents will want to know that their baby will be cared for in a dedicated nursery. Pictures go a long way in relieving a nervous parents’ anxiety about choosing a daycare center or nursery school. Visually reassuring them that their precious little baby will be napping in a crib and not an infant car seat or carrier are achieved through your websites images.

There are more than 766,401 child care centers and preschools in the United States.

Education has never been as important as it is today. Child care centers and preschools are at the forefront of the quest to achieve the highest quality education. Child care / daycare providers are responsible for stimulating learning in infants, toddlers and school aged kids. Parents will want to know that their kids will be in an environment that nurtures creativity, expression and exploration.

You will never have the opportunity to make a good first impression once the moment is past. There are more than 766,401 child care centers and preschools in the United States. You need to be the first they see and capture their attention. If a parent happens upon your child care center or preschool you have a few seconds to impress them before they move onto the next daycare providers’ website. You’ll want to make sure that they have all the information within the first screen and are impressed enough to look deeper.

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