Database Engineering

SQL, MySQL, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, our database engineers will help you to determine the most suitable software to support your database.

Why you need a database

  • Track client/customer information
  • Track inventory
  • Track and analyze product sales
  • Dynamically generate website content
  • Store information submitted through forms
  • Track when and how inquiries are followed up
  • Dynamically generate various views of product images
  • Help keep website content fresh
  • Personalize site content for each visitor

Internet Market Consulting database professionals will engineer your Internet/Intranet databases and relational databases for your company and customers by identifying their requirements, database tasks, identifying data needed to support tasks, and mapping the data to tables. Our technicians will identify key fields and relationships to solve complex database issues.


Database Development Technology

Internet Market Consulting database development teams are experts in technologies such as:


Our Mission

Internet Market Consulting uses cutting-edge technology and customized solutions to help your business thrive on the Internet. We create a working partnership by applying our Internet and marketing expertise to your business objectives.