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Your website sells 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It is the Hardest working Advertising device and has the potential to be your highest earning sales tool.  If you’re looking for a reliable, qualified Website Maintenance Service Provider, give IMC a call. Whether you need a one time update or a regular maintenance plan we have built a stellar reputation for being helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.

  Get your FREE website diagnosis today by a company with 20+ years of experience in traditional & digital marketing, database engineering, website maintenance and repairs.

Their undivided attention to our needs is why we have retained Internet Market Consulting services in the continuing need to update and manage our website.

Here is what Website Maintenance does for you.

Website Maintenance, Marketing, Repair. IMC will not outsource your projects and we pride ourselves on our individualized service.

Your beautiful website design is complete and a few months later you realize you left out some important information or perhaps you want to make a few changes.  Regular maintenance is as important as the initial website design.  Maintaining fresh website content is imperative to remain relevant and competitive on the Internet today.  Website Maintenance Agreements include:

  • date changes
  • price updates
  • refreshed graphics
  • regular security scans
  • security upgrades & patches
  • broken link scan & repair
  • website hosting ($40.00 Value)*
*Restrictions apply


Website Maintenance

Monthly Fees

Basic Website Maintenance Plan  $89.00
Free Web Hosting Value*-$40.00
Monthly Cost of IMC Basic Website Maintenance  $49.00



Website Maintenance Services can often detect possible website problems long before visitors are turned away.  If potential customers are complaining of broken navigation, missing pages or distorted graphics you need website repairs immediately.  IMC has engineers with over 20 years experience available 24/7 to rescue your business website.
Website Design Check Up Tool.

What do these errors mean?  Take a look at how a website appears to visitors with just a few errors  using the three most popular browsers.

Website Design Code Errors.

3 popular browser rendering

See examples of coding errors along with tips on how to fix errors here.

Website Maintenance Contracts keep website code updated and error free whether your website was designed using Joomla, OS commerce, WordPress, PHP, HTML, ASP or HTML5 technologies our webmasters are here to help.  Let Internet Market Consulting put our expertise to work for you, with over 20 years of experience in website maintenance, website repairs, database engineering and Internet marketing, we have a package that will fit your individual requirements.

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today. I do so regarding the excellent work of Internet Market Consulting. Imagining what […] workload must be like, their consideration was and is most impressive. Along with their creativity and work ethic, their undivided attention to our needs is why we have retained Internet Market Consulting services in the continuing need to update and manage our website.

Joseph Malone

President, HBJN Inc.
Los Angeles CA


Website Maintenance Plans Include:

  • Monthly Audits (detect issues before visitors are turned away)
  • Updates as needed
  • Testing after every edit
  • Full Backup of your website
  • Personal account representative
  • 24/7 support
  • Friendly, professional service
  • FREE Website Hosting* ($40 value)
  • Discounted Website Repairs

Website Updates Include:

  • Product changes and additions
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Add breaking news or upcoming events
  • Add photos, graphics, graphs and charts
  • Text editing
  • Minor site upgrades for browser compatibility
  • Refreshing frequently visited pages


Website maintenance is an essential part of a webmasters job. A properly updated and functioning website reflects a company’s professional image. If your site has slow loading pages, browser compatibility problems, or broken links, visitors will leave your site and not look back. In contrast, a professional and well-maintained website will make visitors feel more comfortable, stay longer and browse more pages of your website. Internet Market Consulting offers Website Maintenance Contracts that provide monitoring and repair of your page display, broken links and form functionality as well as maintaining up-to-date source code according to current World Wide Web Consortium standards.

I highly recommend them to anyone who needs any type of web services.

See examples of code errors & tips on how to repair & maintain valid code.

Our webmasters specialize in technologies such as:


Webmasters Available 24/7

When your website broken you need immediate service, our webmasters are at your service 24/7 and located in a city near you. Your project is never outsourced to foreign companies. Internet Market Consulting marketing, maintenance and hosting packages will keep your site fresh, up-to-date and well marketed.


One of the most important factors to consider when facing the daunting task of selecting a website maintenance service is skill.  The company maintaining your website should have the expertise to manage and write error free website code.  Would you consider hiring a company whose website code is full of errors?  We have done the research for you using the companies that advertise themselves as “website maintenance” companies.  These results show how other website maintenance service companies stack up.  In fact, we regularly receive inquiries from other web service providers unable to properly repair websites.  We have built our reputation on being helpful, professional and consistent.

To make a very long story shorter, [an IMC webmaster] started fixing all the problems and over the past four to five weeks, they debugged our website, fixed the text problems and taught me how to use our CMS (another thing they cleaned up for us). I am extremely pleased with the work that Internet Market Consultants have done for us. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs any type of web services.


Universal Wealth Managers
Coral Gables, FL