When inspecting needlework for quality craftsmanship you view the stitches from the back of the piece. If the stitches are well organized, formatted and even you know the piece is a quality item. You can evaluate the quality of a website and skill of a designer by looking behind the scenes. Are the files well-organized and grouped in relevant folders. Do the sites pages meet World Wide Web Consortium standards?

If a piece of needlework has uneven stitches and hanging threads you have one of two options. Pull the uneven, poorly formatted stitches and replace them with quality work or scrap the piece all together. A poorly designed website has similar options. You can hire a website repair company to correct the errors or completely rebuild the website using a skilled website designer.

Remember when it comes to website marketing, Quality Counts! If your website is not being seen in search engine results there is a good chance that the site is poorly designed. Consult an experienced Internet marketing company that specializes in website design, website repair and website promotion.