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Bulletproof Your Social Media Strategy

If you want to do social media right, you need to be strategic. Many of us don’t start out that way. We sign up for a site to try it out and fumble around till we understand how it works and what we can achieve. But what if you were starting from scratch, knowing more […]

Bad Neighbors – Pitfalls of Cheap Hosts

What is a Bad Neighbor and why should you be concerned?

Bad Neighbor is actually a vague term referring to many situations, mostly with reference to shared web hosting. However, the term can also refer to a link to a “less than honorable” website. We are referencing the bad neighbors related to e-commerce websites hosted in […]

How much should we be spending on AdWords?

Determining the right budget for your digital advertising campaign can be a bit of a challenge. There are many factors that come into play here, some of which are completely beyond your control:

Your industry Your competition Your goals Your company’s allocated marketing […]

Hosting $3.95, useless backups $19.95, a functional well-managed website priceless!

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a website hosting provider. Remember that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is… A few important considerations include:

Bandwidth Limits- In this instance, the term “bandwidth” refers to the data rate supported by a network interface. Bandwidth represents the capacity of a network […]
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Donald Trump Tweets Pro Nazi Photo

Trump’s campaign published photos of Nazi soldiers labeled, “WE NEED REAL LEADERSHIP. WE NEED RESULTS. LET’S PUT THE U.S. BACK INTO BUSINESS!” Maybe Trump hired the same company that designs his websites for $1 to run his social media campaign.

Google Bot Evolution

Google never, ever does something for no reason. Sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting patiently to figure out what that reason is.

In May, Google created a fetch and render tool in Google Webmaster Tools that was built to render web pages properly for GoogleBot. At the time, it was unclear why the company was […]

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Son of a Breach! Can Companies Just Safeguard Their Customers’ Data?

Just when consumers were starting to regain some company trust and safe-shopping stability after last year’s massive Target breach, a string of new large-scale company breaches quickly reminded us consumers just how insecure our personal data can be. Needless to say, it’s been a rough year for some major companies and an even rougher year […]

Marketing 101

What Is Direct Response Marketing?

There are two major types of marketing strategies. The first is known as mass marketing or “branding”. The goal of this type of advertising is to remind customers and prospects about your brand as well as the products and services you offer. The idea is that the more times you run […]

Pay To Play: The End of FREE Social Media Marketing?

Facebook is at the vanguard of squeezing increased value from paid social media marketing (SMM) – and other networks are following. Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, California Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Marketers have been complaining for some time that organic reach no longer exists on social media and that brands have to pay for adverts if […]

Website Management – It’s not do-it-yourself if you’re not doing it!

Anyone who runs their own business knows how hard it is to keep up with a myriad of day to day tasks that go along with business ownership.  When you’re juggling the responsibilities of being CEO, CMO and HR, chances are, your Internet presence is suffering.  Websites are no longer the simplistic online brochures that […]

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