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Rise UP vs Trickle DOWN Economics

How To Build The Economy? Not through Trickle-Down Economics. Tax cuts for the rich don't lead to more investment and jobs. The only real way to build the economy is through Rise Up Economics. Trickle-Down economics don't work because corporations and the rich whose taxes are cut invest their extra money wherever around the world [...]

Legal Action Demonstrates Dangers of Buying Followers To Inflate Brands

The rise of social media and the algorithms that control the internet have made people and brands more concerned about raising some particular metric or another. For example, everyone wants their posts to have a large number of likes, their websites to have a large number of clicks, or their social accounts to have a [...]

Watch Out Big Cable Google Fiber High-Speed Internet is Coming

Google Fiber wants a better way of beaming the Internet into apartment buildings. On Friday, the company filed a document with the Federal Communications Commission arguing that the agency should ease access to a chunk of wireless spectrum that could serve the ambitions of Google Fiber, the company’s ultra-high-speed Internet service. The spectrum in question—the 70/80 Ghz band—is used by Webpass, the [...]

Key To Happiness

__Will ... Make You Happy? I would be happy if I were rich, or famous... So you wanna be famous do you? Listen to what these people, that have achieved fame and fortune, have to say about happiness. Lady Gaga, Josh Radnor, Tony Hale, Russell Brand, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Tom Shadyac, Alexi [...]

5 Shady Developers to AVOID!

Let’s talk about an important issue that is ubiquitous in our current digital landscape – unethical website developers.  Sadly, while we have certainly become a digitally connected world due to our obsession with instant gratification we want our services fast and cheap without concern for ethical standards.  Wikipedia defines ethics as a branch of philosophy [...]

Feed the Google Beast – A Guide to Google Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

The Google Beast devours content and requires continuous feeding to maintain its place as king of the Internet jungle. Google is without question a beast shredding the competition with its razor sharp teeth, stealthy prowess and powerful bite. A king among beasts! Google currently holds a staggering 88.92% of the U.S. search engine market share. [...]

Professional Website Design or Do-It-Yourself

When It Makes Sense to Do It Yourself There are three basic things that are absolute necessities for EVERY single business: telephone number, email address and website. Decades have passed since a yellow page ad was essential to a business' success. Most people do not even own a telephone book anymore. EVERY business should have [...]

Website Management Protecting Your Hardest Working Sales Tool

Averting Disaster With Website Management Your website is your hardest working sales tool. It works 24/7, 365 days a year. The mega-powered website is a customer service representative, sales agent and support staff. Are you devoting sufficient resources to ensure the continuing success of your highly profitable online real estate? Too often business owners are [...]

Child Care Center Successful Online Marketing Strategy

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression!” This statement has never been more true than it is today. A parents’ first impression of your daycare center or preschool is online. They’ll look to your website to ensure that you are a professional child care provider. They’ll need to know that you [...]

Daycare / Childcare Center / Preschools In The News

Get you FREE website evaluation and/or design mock up from Internet Market Consulting today.  There is no cost or commitment.  Take a look at what we can do for your child care center or preschool! Parents are bombarded by these images of nightmares at child care centers regularly.  It has never been so important to [...]

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