Google Chrome Issues Eighth ‘Zero Day’ Hack

Google Issues New Chrome Warning - Its 8th 'Zero Day' Hack This Year Being at the top of the web browser market share has its drawbacks. Google Chrome dominates the market with over two billion users worldwide making it an attractive target for hackers. Google issued its third urgent upgrade warning in a month. Google [...]

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Dell Vulnerabilities Affecting 30 Million Systems

Multiple vulnerabilities affecting the BIOSConnect feature within Dell Client BIOS were discovered by Eclypsium researchers. These vulnerabilities allow a hacker on the same network to impersonate and execute arbitrary code at the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) / Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) level prior to loading the operating system thus allowing adversaries subvert higher-layer security [...]

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Ransomware – Should You Pay?

92% Who Pay Don’t Get Their Data Back As Apple gets caught up in an apparent $50 million ransomware extortion attempt by a significant cybercriminal gang, new research reveals just how unlikely it is that organizations will get all their data back if they pay up. On April 23, I reported how the notorious cybercriminal [...]

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FBI Deletes Hundreds of Criminally Installed Shells

Remote-control malware wiped from Microsoft Exchange Servers by FBI The FBI deleted web shells installed by criminals on hundreds of Microsoft Exchange servers across the United States, it was revealed on April 13, 2021. The Feds were given approval by the courts to carry out the deletions, which occurred without first warning the servers' owners, [...]

Rethinking Apple Security

Malware monsters target Apple's M1 chip with 'Silver Sparrow' US security consultancy Red Canary says it has found MacOS malware written specifically for the shiny new M1 chip that Apple created to power its post-Intel Macs. Red Canary has named the malware "Silver Sparrow" and says it had found its way onto almost 30,000 MacOS [...]

Organizations Infected Sunburst Malware in the Aftermath of the SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

Multiple security researchers and research teams have published over the weekend lists ranging from 100 to 280 organizations that installed a trojanized version of the SolarWinds Orion platform and had their internal systems infected with the Sunburst malware. The list includes the names of tech companies, local governments, universities, hospitals, banks, and telecom providers. The [...]

FireEye, Top Cybersecurity Firm, Hacked by Russian GRU

For years, the cybersecurity firm FireEye has been the first call for government agencies and companies around the world who have been hacked by the most sophisticated attackers, or fear they might be. Now it looks like the hackers — in this case, evidence points to Russia’s intelligence agencies — may be exacting their revenge. [...]

Security Company Points to Flash/Acrobat Reader Vulnerabilities

Two weeks ago, Adobe released a critical patch for Flash Player and Acrobat Reader. According to online security company Trusteer, about 80% of users are still vulnerable, and perhaps more startling, the company views this as being possibly the biggest security hole on the Internet today. That 80% figure is based on Trusteer's installed base [...]

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