Web Maintenance Provider Reviews

We have compiled this list to help you sift through the numerous companies marketing themselves as website maintenance service providers. All with different offers, but the most important factor when deciding on a website repair, maintenance and management company is the ability to author and repair standard code, proficiency in most up-to-date technologies and reliability. Hiring an unqualified person to edit your website code could cost you your entire investment.


Error Count

Wodu Media128 errors
Website Maintenance Support51 errors
Simply Nerds94 errors
Instaserv103 errors
CP Communications65 errors
Content Harmony50 errors
Website Service 4 all26 errors
White Heads182 errors
Digital Creative64 errors


What do these errors mean?

An inability to author compliant code or creating code riddled with errors can cause a host of problems. We’ve compiled a few of these errors with images that illustrate how some visitors see these errors and tips on how to repair the erroneous code.

Website Repair Tips


Content Management Systems

The Growing popularity of content management systems has created an infestation of website management companies because they need no technical skills to update a website operating on a content management system like WordPress. You want to ensure that any company tasked with managing your website has the skills necessary to understand, repair and optimize all aspects of your site. They should have the expertise to write compliant HTML code, troubleshoot and repair PHP and CSS since these technologies are used by every content management system. If a company cannot update, repair or maintain your website without a content management system they lack even basic webmaster skills. If a company is completely reliant on third party plugins to manage, optimize and promote your website they lack necessary skills to do the job.

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