Troubleshooting Tip #1

Code errors cause column to misalign.

  • Problem: Columns of information are dropping off the page or rendering at the bottom of the page.
  • Solution: Check for open <div> tags using this free tool.

    Website Troubleshooting Tool

Troubleshooting Tip #2

  • Problem: Missing pages, 404 errors, file not found, URI not found.
  • Solution: Check file names.  File names are case sensitive. File extensions are frequently the cause of errors html or htm are both valid extensions but the page being referenced must be exact.


Troubleshooting Tip #3

Code errors cause overlapping text.

  • Problem: Webpage text not rendering as designed.
  • Solution: Never cut and paste content from word processing programs.  Microsoft Word and other word processing programs insert invisible formatting code causing undesired results. Instead paste into notepad or save as text only format prior to inserting into your webpage.


Troubleshooting Tip #4

  • Problem: Graphic images missing, applications not performing as designed.
  • Solution:  Spaces are difficult to see when you create or review code.  Word wrap in text editing programs makes spotting random spaces virtually impossible to spot.  Deactivate the word wrap feature and review file paths for random spaces.


Troubleshooting Tip #5

  • Problem: Website missing content, webpage’s blank.
  • Solution: Check connection scripts to your database. File names are case sensitive and check for unintended spaces in all paths.


Troubleshooting Tip #6

  • Problem: Content management System (i.e. Joomla, OS Commerce etc…) not showing updates?
  • Solution: Check database connection.  Try entering information directly into the database bypassing the CMS if the updates appear in the website your problem lies in the connection script.  Need help? Request a Marketing Management Quote from Internet Market Consulting. .


Troubleshooting Tip #7

  • Problem: Poor Search Engine Results.
  • Solution: Check page load time, DNS lookup time, connection time. Pay special attention to Flash sites. Your hosting company could be the problem as many cheap providers host hundreds of websites using the same ip address.


Troubleshooting Tip #8

  • Problem: Lose years of compiled website data and tens of thousands of dollars worth of design and maintenance work.
  • Solution: Insist that any hosting company perform redundant regular backups and maintain copies for minimum of 30 days!

Troubleshooting Tip #9

A newly designed site was developed and deployed with a contact form created using old technology and wouldn't function in any mobile browser. Basically it was the picture of a form with no functionality.

  • Problem: Contact form doesn’t work.
  • Solution: Check that the form was designed using modern code compliant technology that renders for all major browsers.


Troubleshooting Tip #10

Incorrect DocType and code errors cause overlapping.

  • Problem: Overlapping menus.
  • Solution: Use correct doctype definition for code markup. Spaces or lack thereof within code invalidates code and will actually break javascript. Properly embed opening and closing tags.



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