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Website Repairs & Security Upgrades

Webmasters Available 24/7

When your website is broken, you need immediate website repairs. If your website is labeled with "This site may be compromised" or "This site may damage your computer" in search engine results you need emergency website repair to prevent permanent damage to your business and brand reputation. Our U.S.A. based webmasters are at your service 24/7 and have extensive experience in repairing websites HTML source code, content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal including websites and databases ravaged by hackers. 

IMC website diagnosis tool spacer. FREE website diagnosis tool.

Code Errors - Slow Search Engine Indexing

Fixing HTML errors, 404 page not found errors and inadequate navigation will enable search engines to crawl your website quickly and efficiently. Use a code validation tool to check for errors and continue to check for errors each time a page is updated. If your website contains HTML code errors, not only will a your website look unprofessional to perspective clients/customers, but errors can dramatically affect your search engine rankings. Errors should be addressed immediately to prevent search engines from dropping the site from search engine results. Now, you may be thinking, "the website looks fine to me" but each browser displays and functions with web pages differently. The image below illustrates how website errors display in three different browsers.

website repair, maintenance quote request.

Website displays errors differently in each different browser.Internet Market Consulting webmasters will update, repair, maintain, host and market your site eliminating the need to deal with separate companies.

See more examples of coding errors, design flaws and programming function failures, along with tips on how to fix errors here.

You are great IMC. Thank you for the quick response to my first email. I sent out 4 emails for help and only Internet Market Consulting sent a timely reply and had answers in a professional manner, knowing what I was talking about(ie-newbe to websites).

Thanks once again, you saved me from a melt down.

Mike Rodgers
Bamboo Clothing Co.

Maintain Websites Professional Image Team Brainstorming Meeting: Web Site Repairs, Promotion and hosting.  Keep your web site fresh, up-to-date, and engaging.

A properly maintained and functioning website reflects a company's professional image and promotes brand confidence. If your site has slow loading pages, browser compatibility problems, or broken links, visitors will leave your site and not look back.   In contrast, a professional and well-maintained website will make visitors feel more comfortable, stay longer and browse more pages of your website. Internet Market Consulting offers maintenance contracts that provide monitoring and repair of your page display, link validation and form functionality as well as maintaining up-to-date source code according to current World Wide Web Consortium standards.

To make a very long story shorter, [an IMC webmaster] started fixing all the problems and over the past four to five weeks, they debugged our website, fixed the text problems and taught me how to use our CMS (another thing they cleaned up for us). I am extremely pleased with the work that Internet Market Consultants have done for us. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs any type of web services.

Universal Wealth Managers

What to look for in a website repair company.

Before hiring a website maintenance and repair company check their site using this handy website error check tool. 

Website Code Validator

Do you really want to hire a website repair company that cannot maintain an error free website?  We did the research for you using search engine results.


Error Count

911 Website Repair 48 errors
My Website Repair 31 errors
Web Guys 911 40 errors
We Maintain Your Website 13 errors
Webdigia 19 errors
Parker Web 29 errors


In-house Website Repair Team

Your project is never outsourced to foreign companies. Internet Market Consulting marketing, maintenance and hosting packages will keep your site fresh, up-to-date and well marketed.

Web site repairs, maintenance and standards complianceIs Your Website W3C Compliant?

How Does Your Website Look to Your Visitors?

There are many browsers for desktops, tablets, mobile phones and laptops. 

If your website visitors are calling complaining of broken navigation, missing pages or distorted graphics let Internet Market Consulting put our expertise to work for you, with over 20 years of experience in website repairs, maintenance and marketing we have a package that will fit your individual requirements.

Our webmasters specialize in technologies such as:

Design Repairs to Build Web Traffic

It is often necessary to have website designs repaired due to lack of web traffic. Companies attempt to cut corners by having inexperienced employees, technicians or even telephone advertising companies create their company website. This avenue rarely leads to a successful online enterprise.  Sometimes, a website design can be repaired however often a complete redesign is necessary to correct errors, repair noncompliant code and create search engine friendly file structures. Productive website designs begin with a marketing plan to produce Internet traffic from conception. A full service Internet company, such as Internet Market Consulting, provides marketing expertise as well as design services. If a website is live yet is not producing expected results then Internet Market Consulting can repair your website design and build web traffic creating a successful online enterprise.

Mission & Goals

From registering domain names, creatively designing websites, engineering and administering client and product databases to hosting and marketing websites. We take care of every detail so that you can focus on operating your business.


Internet Market Consulting uses cutting-edge technology and customized solutions to help your business thrive on the Internet. We create a working partnership by applying our Internet and marketing expertise to your business objectives.


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