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Website Design, Website Management

Adam Wetsman:

Internet Market Consulting is exactly what I needed for my small textbook publishing business. The website that was created for my site is great and user-friendly for students. If there is ever an issue with access due to lost passwords or other matters, there is a rapid response that gets the students back on track quickly. As a small business, I was able to get the services I needed at costs that would allow me to function at an appropriate level. I could not imagine going anywhere else.

Internet Market Consulting 10 out of 10 based on 36 ratings.

E Commerce Website Management

Rick Sells:
PureSalem Guitars

I have an account with Internet Market Consulting and Wendy Sherwood is my account manager / webmaster.
I am writing you because I believe Wendy Sherwood quality of service and her dedication to her clients goes above and beyond the call of normal customer service. I reach out to Wendy on a regular basis with all types of requests and questions concerning the PureSalem Website. She always answers me in a timely manner and has the patience of a saint. The reason I chose to sign up with Internet Market Consulting was all based on my very first phone call to the company to inquire about pricing options etc. The person I spoke with that day was Wendy. I specifically remember being so impressed with her reassuring style and friendliness that I committed to the company that day. Companies live and die by their customer service. Especially online companies where the is no physical person to person contact. I wish I had a company full of Wendy Sherwood’s. Please express my gratitude and appreciation of her excellent service to her on my behalf.


Website Repair, Update & Refresh Client

Albert Thompson:
Great Lengths Hair

I am writing this review as I am just completely blown away with Internet Market Consulting and Wendy my Webmaster. I have had a site that for 4 years was left dormant, and all the forms, and content was completely outdated, including my product store front. I tried desperately to call website developers and my search was futile as every company wanted the big $5k website and no one wanted to repair my little small business website. After about 5 or 6 quote requests, including a local one I found on local ad on craigslist, who wanted only a check mailed to him, and bc I didn’t mail him a personal check he had the nerve to email me that he doesn’t want my website business. Considering he never even gave me a scope of work or anything, definitely a scammer. Okay, so 5 or 6 quotes later, within a hr I had a very reasonable quote from Internet Market Consulting.

The price was reasonable, the payment terms were great, and they were able to decipher what I wanted within a scope of work proposal response within an hour. The only company that could understand all the little quirks I needed done, and they were just able to easily simplify my request(s). So I made payment. The following morning Wendy my Webmaster emailed me and asked for the files and information to begin my project. I threw everything at them, I have no idea how they could understand what I wanted and how I wanted it, but they DID!! She was so amazing, friendly, and was just so thorough and could understand what I wanted, even though I wasn’t speaking in a technical way. They could understand the simple business man, and deliver results beyond my expectations. They made great business recommendations which I accepted such as getting a (800) number and adding click to call buttons, yet they veered me away from wasteful products like a chat client. Thanks Guys!

24 hours later, I got an email saying hey “your website is done.” There was only 1 thing they couldn’t accomplish because I didn’t give them access to my photo bucket, which I didn’t even care, because the main and most important things were done, ALL OF THEM FLAWLESSLY!! I have been looking for a reliable and trustworthy website company willing to take small projects along with the big ones. They have my business for life, and I highly recommend giving them a shot for any website repair, or website customization because these guys are amazing!! Forget the local craigslist scammer who wants less money (you get what you pay for)…these guys are a legitimate business operation, and they are VERY reasonably priced!! I will recommend to all my business friends, including clients I do online advertising for at the moment!

Thank you so much! Albert Thompson @ GGLH

Content Management System, Website Repair Client

Universal Wealth Managers

I started working with Internet Market Consulting in June 2012, after several years of terrible and expensive experiences with various other web designers. I will not revisit my horror stories, but at one point I had to hire a lawyer to get my domain name back from a designer that was holding it hostage and kept asking for more and more money.

Needless to say, I was skeptical about doing business with yet another web designer and thousands of miles away. I am happy to tell you that it has been the best experience of my life.

Within Internet Market Consulting, […] and the first thing that they said to me was, we are not just web designers, we are engineers. We don’t just look at how good your website looks, but we make sure it is functional. They also impressed me by telling me that I did not have to go through the expense of starting over with a new website; it would be less expensive for me to fix the website I already had. Everyone else told me otherwise.

To make a very long story shorter, They started fixing all the problems and over the past four to five weeks, they debugged our website, fixed the text problems and taught me how to use our CMS (another thing they cleaned up for us).

I am extremely pleased with the work that Internet Market Consultants have done for us. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs any type of web services.

Website Maintenance Client


Thank you IMC!!! Couldn’t have had better service our site is amazing!

Website Marketing Client

Little Thinking Cap Academy

Everything you are doing is fabulous!! I definitely see a difference already. Thank you for all your hard work and let me know all your ideas for a better website. Have a nice Holiday!

Website Marketing Client

Sara Locke:
PS Services

Many thanks for the wonderful job you do. It improved my business listing and people contacting me for service a great deal.  My whole experience has been great!

Website CMS Repair Client

Sign Clemente

Hey great! I am delighted. I will want to talk with you in a couple weeks about SEO and improving my web standing. I will be working with you again soon! Thanks again, you saved the day!

Website Repair Client

Mike Rodgers:
Bamboo Clothing Co.

You are great(and IMC). Thank you for the quick response to my first email. I sent out 4 emails for help and only Internet Market Consulting sent a timly reply and had answers in a professional manner, knowing what I was talking about(ie-newbe to websites).
Thanks once again, you saved me from a melt down.

Website Design, Maintenance Client

Joseph Malone:
President, HBJN Inc.

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today. I do so regarding the excellent work of […] from Internet Market Consulting. Imagining what […] workload must be like, their consideration was and is most impressive. Along with their creativity and work ethic, their undivided attention to our needs is why we have retained Internet Market Consulting services in the continuing need to update and manage our website.

Website Design, SEO Client

Legal Brand Marketing:

I’d like to thank you for all your exceptional work. Not only is your work consistently well designed, programmed and optimized, it is continually completed far in advance of deadline. Requests are handled professionally, accurately and immediately. Whether I’m in need of original designs, redesigns, templates or SEO, your work is always on point.
I appreciate all that you do for my company and its clients.

Website Repair Consultation

Denver Mock:
The Season of Hope

I appreciate the assistance I have received from your staff-enlightening.